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Put ICE in your phone – It could save your life.

Have you put ICE in your phone yet?

Many people I talked to during 2014 looked at me strangely when I told them this. How can ICE in my phone save my life.

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and should be a standard entry in everyone's contacts list. This is the phone number of the person YOU would like Emergency Services (or others) to contact if anything should ever happen to YOU.
You can (and perhaps should) add multiple ICE entries, just in case your primary Emergency contact person is unavailable. If adding Multiple ICE contacts, name them ICE1, ICE2 etc in level of importance/priority.

I was surprised to find that almost no one knew of this, yet in my experience it is one of the first things that Emergency Services etc look for if they are ever required.
Simply create a New Contact, Put ICE (or ICE1 etc) in the First Name, Add a phone Number and you're done. So simple for something that could be so important.

Spread the news - Put ICE in your phone, it could save your life.

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Has WW3 Already Begun?

Will the next world war be fought on the electronic frontlines of the global networks.  Has this 'cyber world war' already begun.

These are questions that I'm sure very few people have stopped to consider since this is an unseen war going on in the realms of electrical impulses travelling over the vast global networks of the internet.  A leading defender in this cyber WW3 is Norse. The Mission of Norse (as stated on their website) is ..

Our Mission is to be the global leader in live attack intelligence that equips organizations with solutions to stop emerging threats beyond their perimeter — before they reach the network.

In the space of 3 minutes, the following sequence of global cyber attacks occurred in this ever raging cyber conflict.
IPViking Live
Although the screenshots above may look like something from a game, they do infact represent a small subset of the live cyber attack intelligence that Norse collect each and every second from around the world.

With some very impressive credentials behind this company, and after watching their live attack data for a few hours, I have come to the conclusion that the next world war will not happen with gun and missile, but with computer and protocol.

The next generation of frontlines will be draw in the virtual world of the global data networks and infrastructure, and that countries will be victorious or defeated in silence as the average citizen goes about their lives blissfully unaware of this cyber world war going on every minute of every day in the virtual realm of the internet.

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