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AVATAR MUD – MUSH client Utilities Version 0.2

##UPDATE## I found that I had overlooked the ANTIAFK command system.  Please RE-DOWNLOAD the script file below and copy OVER (overwrite) the previous script file.

FILE: grachutils_v02aFIX2

Well folks - here it is .. Hopefully its clean and bug free. (Install Instructions Below)

When you first change to this utilities version, I would HIGHLY recommend you run the commands

util purge

util setup

The util alias should have been setup as the script initialises.

Assuming you had used the Groupnames I did when setting up the old triggers/aliases & timers, this will remove all old versions and install all the new and updated triggers etc - along with the new additions and improvements.


Also decided I would give you a little more detailed 'help' for the various utilities :) perhaps Im just bored but you may as well benefit.


?/help - Shows basic Syntax

clear/reset - Reset all values and damage lists

verbose - MUST be in verbose mode to display damage stats (default)

quiet - limits GTELL messages (reset and damage stats)

report damage - report by itself will GTELL standard run stats. It also now takes into account failed morph exp gains - and if any are present adds a field to the output.

- - Adding the keyword 'damage' will GTELL the above runcount information followed by group damage stats (if in verbose mode)

show - displays ALL (including failed morph)  run count stats and current damage collection group member list TO PLAYER ONLY (NOT damage stats)

pause - paused the counter system from collecting data (kills/exp/damage) .. A warning is given to the Player ever 30 seconds informing that the system is PAUSED

resume - resume count collection (to return from pause)

Note Regarding DAMAGE Counter

THIS IS NOT COMPLETE - This system is in no way setup to collect ALL damage types a player can perform ingame.  The types of damage that will be collected are ...

bash|smash|hit|pierce|disintegrate|kick|scorpion kick|whirlwind kick|chilling touch|shocking grasp|magic missile



?/help - Basic syntax

add player - adds a player onto the rescue list

auto - Automatically add members to rescue list on grouping with you

remove/del player - remove a player from the rescue list

show/list - display current rescue list TO PLAYER ONLY

reset/clear - Reset current rescue list

open - Initiate 60 second self 'add me' system (group members can add themselfs to you rescue list) - Renotification at 30 seconds.

close - Turn OFF Self 'add me' system

#NOTE# - Rxsetup is no longer case sensitive. add/del/remove will all work correctly regardless of CASE



?/help - Basic Syntax

on - use and respond to kill trigger

off - stop responding to kill emotes and triggers

status/show - display current information on killtrigger system

set/edit - customise the kill trigger response with a unique command. eg. Instead of kill %1, it could be bash %1 to jump in with bash first. *WARNING* Risk of miss targetting mobs

reset - revert to the default 'kill %1' response.



Runs a check of all current spells and determines if any are missing from a 'full' spellup. #NOTE# Does not work on some very low level chars.



on/off - as implies.

antiAFK system it build around sanctum and currently moves the players character through a 4 room loop within this area (rst,wn,ww,de,dw - from sanctum)  To change this you have to edit the top of this utilities script. #NOTE# item 1 in the list is a RESET move. sequences loops back to item 2 if left running - keep this in mind if building your own antiafk behaviours.



These will be standard for all future script upgrades/additions to ease installation and removal as required.



FILE: grachutils_v02aFIX2

1. Download and extract the grachutils_v02a.lua file into your MUSHclient scripts directory

2. Open up your world configurations, change to scripting->scripts and browse, selecting the new script.

That Simple.  As mentioned at the start, I would now recommend issuing the commands

util purge

util setup

#NOTE# IF you did not use the same group names when setting up the original triggers/aliases etc - I HIGHLY recommend you delete them, as they will interfere with the functioning of this utilities system.

#WARNING# While I have tested this script and install/purge method extensively, I can make no promises or guarantees it will work as smoothly or cleanly for you - I TRUELY hope it does however.

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