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Welcome Friends.


This site is intended to document and display various electronic and robotic projects I am working on. 


I have been facinated and interested in electronics pretty much all my life, however time (and such) has never really allowed me to persue it fully.  Even after studying electrical engineering for 2 years, life never seemed to give me the time to continue this hobby.  Recently however I 'stumbled' across microcontrollers (Arduino in particular) again and this has reignited my passion for electronics once more.  It was at this time while I was researching what was available to the hobbyist, I came across a 'new' technique that was being used to build some facinating and 'just plain cool' robots which DID NOT REQUIRE a microcontroller at all to produce autonomous locomotion - B.E.A.M. Technology.


I will not go into details as to what this is all about as there are many wiki and other sites out there already explaining the fundamentals of this technique so I would highly recommend doing a quick google search and having a read.