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Has WW3 Already Begun?

Will the next world war be fought on the electronic frontlines of the global networks.  Has this 'cyber world war' already begun.

These are questions that I'm sure very few people have stopped to consider since this is an unseen war going on in the realms of electrical impulses travelling over the vast global networks of the internet.  A leading defender in this cyber WW3 is Norse. The Mission of Norse (as stated on their website) is ..

Our Mission is to be the global leader in live attack intelligence that equips organizations with solutions to stop emerging threats beyond their perimeter — before they reach the network.

In the space of 3 minutes, the following sequence of global cyber attacks occurred in this ever raging cyber conflict.
IPViking Live
Although the screenshots above may look like something from a game, they do infact represent a small subset of the live cyber attack intelligence that Norse collect each and every second from around the world.

With some very impressive credentials behind this company, and after watching their live attack data for a few hours, I have come to the conclusion that the next world war will not happen with gun and missile, but with computer and protocol.

The next generation of frontlines will be draw in the virtual world of the global data networks and infrastructure, and that countries will be victorious or defeated in silence as the average citizen goes about their lives blissfully unaware of this cyber world war going on every minute of every day in the virtual realm of the internet.

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AVATAR MUD – MUSH client Utilities Version 0.2

##UPDATE## I found that I had overlooked the ANTIAFK command system.  Please RE-DOWNLOAD the script file below and copy OVER (overwrite) the previous script file.

FILE: grachutils_v02aFIX2

Well folks - here it is .. Hopefully its clean and bug free. (Install Instructions Below)

When you first change to this utilities version, I would HIGHLY recommend you run the commands

util purge

util setup

The util alias should have been setup as the script initialises.

Assuming you had used the Groupnames I did when setting up the old triggers/aliases & timers, this will remove all old versions and install all the new and updated triggers etc - along with the new additions and improvements.


Also decided I would give you a little more detailed 'help' for the various utilities :) perhaps Im just bored but you may as well benefit.


?/help - Shows basic Syntax

clear/reset - Reset all values and damage lists

verbose - MUST be in verbose mode to display damage stats (default)

quiet - limits GTELL messages (reset and damage stats)

report damage - report by itself will GTELL standard run stats. It also now takes into account failed morph exp gains - and if any are present adds a field to the output.

- - Adding the keyword 'damage' will GTELL the above runcount information followed by group damage stats (if in verbose mode)

show - displays ALL (including failed morph)  run count stats and current damage collection group member list TO PLAYER ONLY (NOT damage stats)

pause - paused the counter system from collecting data (kills/exp/damage) .. A warning is given to the Player ever 30 seconds informing that the system is PAUSED

resume - resume count collection (to return from pause)

Note Regarding DAMAGE Counter

THIS IS NOT COMPLETE - This system is in no way setup to collect ALL damage types a player can perform ingame.  The types of damage that will be collected are ...

bash|smash|hit|pierce|disintegrate|kick|scorpion kick|whirlwind kick|chilling touch|shocking grasp|magic missile



?/help - Basic syntax

add player - adds a player onto the rescue list

auto - Automatically add members to rescue list on grouping with you

remove/del player - remove a player from the rescue list

show/list - display current rescue list TO PLAYER ONLY

reset/clear - Reset current rescue list

open - Initiate 60 second self 'add me' system (group members can add themselfs to you rescue list) - Renotification at 30 seconds.

close - Turn OFF Self 'add me' system

#NOTE# - Rxsetup is no longer case sensitive. add/del/remove will all work correctly regardless of CASE



?/help - Basic Syntax

on - use and respond to kill trigger

off - stop responding to kill emotes and triggers

status/show - display current information on killtrigger system

set/edit - customise the kill trigger response with a unique command. eg. Instead of kill %1, it could be bash %1 to jump in with bash first. *WARNING* Risk of miss targetting mobs

reset - revert to the default 'kill %1' response.



Runs a check of all current spells and determines if any are missing from a 'full' spellup. #NOTE# Does not work on some very low level chars.



on/off - as implies.

antiAFK system it build around sanctum and currently moves the players character through a 4 room loop within this area (rst,wn,ww,de,dw - from sanctum)  To change this you have to edit the top of this utilities script. #NOTE# item 1 in the list is a RESET move. sequences loops back to item 2 if left running - keep this in mind if building your own antiafk behaviours.



These will be standard for all future script upgrades/additions to ease installation and removal as required.



FILE: grachutils_v02aFIX2

1. Download and extract the grachutils_v02a.lua file into your MUSHclient scripts directory

2. Open up your world configurations, change to scripting->scripts and browse, selecting the new script.

That Simple.  As mentioned at the start, I would now recommend issuing the commands

util purge

util setup

#NOTE# IF you did not use the same group names when setting up the original triggers/aliases etc - I HIGHLY recommend you delete them, as they will interfere with the functioning of this utilities system.

#WARNING# While I have tested this script and install/purge method extensively, I can make no promises or guarantees it will work as smoothly or cleanly for you - I TRUELY hope it does however.

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